Riot Racers Inspiration
The Riot Racers game was inspired by the CryptoWhips OG NFT Collection. To pay homage to the cars that started it all, all CryptoWhips cars in the OG Collection will have a special place and value in the Riot Racers game.
Meta Khan, the game visionary behind Riot Racers, helped with the creation and launch of the CryptoWhips. But after a short period of time he noticed that the novelty of NFTs was quickly wearing off, and that NFTs need utility if they are going to last long term. What if you could race your NFTs? And the idea for Riot Racers was born.
CryptoWhips cars will have automatic upgraded status and bonus upgrades. CryptoWhips cars #1-101 will be the Riot Racers Genesis Collection cars #1-101.
CryptoWhips > Riot Racer Car Redemption Information
Engine Level
Tire Level
Super Rare
Level 3
Level 2
Level 2
Level 2
Level 1
Level 2
For example, this car, #016, (pictured above), is CryptoWhips Class Rare, so in the Riot Racers game it will have an automatic Class of Aero, with 700 XP to start, with a rating of 5,400 with a Level 2 Engine and Level 2 tires.
Note: The 1/1 CryptoWhips Collabs done before June 1, 2021 will be equal to the Rare Class CryptoWhips in the Riot Racers game.

How does it work?

In order for the CryptoWhips to be used in the game, they must be first redeemed for a Riot Racers car. This page ( will be used to track which cars have been redeemed. The process to redeem a Riot Racer car is outlined on that website. AFTER a redemption has happened and a new Riot Racers car is received, the Riot Racers redeemed car can be traded on the secondary market.
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