Car & Driver Rentals

Rentals provide an easy opportunity for players to get started playing Riot Racers, without having to first acquire their own game assets. The renting of game assets also allows Car and Driver owners the ability to earn RIOT, without needing to enter races themselves. Renting assets, and earning from rentals, is a seamless and trustless experience. It's easy for anyone to rent in Riot Racers, with all earnings automatically distributed to both owner and renter.

Rental Marketplace


All users in the game will be able to participate in the Rental system in one of two ways: as a renter or an owner.

Owners of Cars and Drivers can list their game assets for rent in the Rental Marketplace. The marketplace provides the opportunity for renters wanting to participate in racing but are currently in need of a Car, Driver, or both. All listed assets in the rental marketplace are free to rent in exchange for a percentage share of the race winnings. This means that anyone can get started playing without needing any money to begin!

How to Rent

For Renters

  1. Step one is to make sure you have an account created at

  2. Next, head over to the Rental Marketplace and select a Car and/or Driver that works for you

  3. Each asset will display a '% to you' which is the amount of race winnings that you will be able to keep

  4. Rental periods are indefinite, but the asset owner can take their Car or Driver back at any time

  5. There is a maximum of 10 Cars and 10 Drivers that can be rented at one time per player

For Owners

  1. Once logged into your account on the Riot Racers website, head over to your Garage or Drivers page

  2. Here you will find a button 'Put for Rent' under each of your assets

  3. Once you have selected the option to rent, you will be able to choose the % of race winnings to keep

  4. Click 'Submit' and your asset will now show in the rental marketplace

  5. Assets can be rented out to specific users, if chosen

  6. There are no limits to the amount of assets that can be rented out, and you can choose to take back an asset at any time for any reason

Reward Share

All game assets listed for rent in the rental marketplace will operate on a reward share system. This means that all rentals are free of charge to the renter, but in exchange they only keep the % of race winnings that were advertised with the rental. At the end of each race, all prizes won will be automatically divided up and credited to both the renter and owners in game wallet.

For example if a Car or Driver is rented with '10% to you' this means that the renter will keep 10% of all race winnings and the owner of the asset will keep 90%.

Note: The winnings from each race will first be split evenly between the Car and the Driver before automatically being credited to each owner/renter's in-game wallet.

Renter Safety

We have put two important features in place to ensure fairness and renter safety: trustless rentals and trustless earnings. When a player rents a Car or Driver, the system allocates that asset to the renter, and the only thing they can do with those assets is use them in the game to race. At the end of each race, winnings are automatically divided up and credited to each users in-game wallet. The renter never needs to worry if they are being given the fair amount of RIOT tokens.

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