Gas Stations

Gas functions as the entrance fee for races. To enter a race, racers first stop at a Gas Station and buy fuel. Racers buy a number of gallons (GAL) of fuel and then enter races that consume a specified amount of GAL per race. Races will range between free and up to $100.

There are only 20 Gas Stations in the Genesis Collection of game assets. Additional Gas Stations will not be released until at least 25,000 cars have been sold.

Benefits of Owning a Gas Station

  • You will own the rarest asset in the game.

  • Earn RIOT tokens - Anticipated RRS (RIOT Reward Share) is 100% depending on purchase date. See below.

  • Customize the name of your Gas Station.

  • Your Gas Station is forward compatible. This means that you will benefit from racing entry fees of all cars from the Genesis Collection release and future collections!

Gas Station owners can anticipate earning the equivalent amount of RIOT tokens in the first year to the amount the first buyer paid to purchase the Gas Station at drop, based on a purchase price of 3.3 ETH and a ETH price of $2,500. All Genesis Collection Gas Station rewards, no matter when or for how much they were purchased, will be earned in this manner.

If you purchased a Gas Station for less than 3.3 ETH, your reward is expected to be greater than what is described above. If you purchased for more than 3.3 ETH, your reward in the first year is expected to be less than what is described above in the first year.

Drop #

Drop Date

Drop Price


Anticipated 1st Year RRS %


June 2, 2021

2.2 ETH




June/July 2021

3.3 ETH




August 26, 2021

4.4 ETH




September 15, 2021

5.5 ETH




Auction: October 5, 2021

6.6 ETH



Claiming Land Rewards: To start claiming rewards from your Gas Station, you first need to create an account on using the same wallet address that contains your game assets. Your rewards will not start to accumulate until you have created an account.

Selling/Transferring Land Assets: Earned rewards that have not been claimed do not transfer when Gas Stations are sold or transferred. Rewards are reset to zero upon transferring of assets.

Notes: RIOT tokens will be earned by Gas Station owners indefinitely based on racing entrant fees. Your Gas Station will be forward compatible, meaning your RRS will be calculated using ALL racing entry fees from your release collection and forward. For example, Genesis collection Gas Stations will provide gas for all cars in the game, whereas Gas Stations purchased in future collections will provide gas to their specific collection and forward. The anticipated reward beyond the first year will be determined using the same mechanics used to establish year one rewards but will be adjusted for racing volume. This means with more racing your anticipated RRS could be higher and with less racing lower.

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