Billboard Land

Advertising in car racing is a huge part of the sport. With Riot Racers Billboard Land, you can dynamically place ads directly in the game. Place your own ad, or sell ads to others and place it for them.

Billboard ads are displayed as a banner across the pages of the Riot Racers application so that all players can see your ad. Ads will be visible on the Marketplace side of the application, in addition to the My Account sections, and of course the Race screens. Billboard land owners are able to see basic analytics for their ads from their Riot Racers dashboard as well.

Benefits of Owning Billboard Land

  • You will own the second rarest asset in the game.

  • Place your own ads, or rent out the ad space to others.

Creating Billboard Advertisements

Billboard Land owners can create a new advertisement by logging into their account on the Riot Racers app and navigating to the Assets page. On the Assets page, select the Billboard tab, and then click the "Manage" button to create your new ad.

Ad Requirements

Ads consist of images and a URL. The displayed images are clickable and will take users to the site of your choice. To submit an ad, you must have two images ready, one for mobile view and one for desktop view:

  • Mobile Image Dimensions: 300px x 50px

  • Desktop Image Dimensions: 970px x 90px

Important: Images must be the exact dimensions defined above. Any images submitted with incorrect sizing will cause that ad campaign to be rejected.

Advertisement URL - You will also need to provide a URL where users will be taken when clicking on your ad. Sites advertised must be appropriate for all ages.*

*No NSFW, lewd, nudity, or illegal items may be advertised. All ads must be inline with Riot Racer's core values. Riot Racers reserves the right to disapprove ads at its sole and absolute own discretion.

Ad Approval Process

Once your ad has been submitted through the Riot Racers app, the Riot Racers team will inspect the images and URL provided to make sure the ad is appropriate. If the ad is approved, it will go live on the Riot Racers app immediately after approval.

The approval process can take up to 72 hours, however it often happens much quicker.

If you need an ad approval expedited, or if you have questions or need support regarding one of your submitted Billboard ads, please submit a Support Ticket in Discord.

Advertisement Duration - Approved advertisements will remain active for at least 30 days after they're submitted. After 30 days, the ad will expire and be removed, at which point the Billboard Land owner is able to create and submit a new advertisement for their Billboard.

Billboard Drop Information


Drop Date

Drop Price



September 15, 2021

1.1 ETH



October 7, 2021

2.2 ETH


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