Billboard Land

Advertising in car racing is a huge part of the sport. With Billboard Land, you can place ads directly in the game – dynamically! Place your own ad, or sell ads to others and place it for them. You control it, from start to finish.*

How does it work?

As a Billboard Land owner, you will log in to the app, click on your Billboard under Assets, and upload or change the ad you want displayed.
When someone watches a video replay of a race that has your billboard in it, they will see your ad as the game passes your billboard on the track. There are seven billboards for each track (seven tracks total).
Version 1 - The first version of Billboard Land ads will be implemented as a display banner across the racing screens of the Riot Racers application. Eventually Billboard ads will display in-game as originally designed, but version 1 provides a way for Billboard Land owners to recognize value in their assets ahead of the future 3D Race Playback updates with in-game ads.

Benefits of Owning Billboard Land

  • You will own the second rarest asset in the game.
  • Place your own ads, or rent out the ad space to others.

Billboard Drop Information

Drop Date
Drop Price
September 15, 2021
1.1 ETH
October 7, 2021
2.2 ETH
*No NSFW, lewd, nudity, or illegal items may be advertised. All ads must be inline with Riot Racer's core values. Riot Racers reserves the right to disapprove ads at its sole and absolute own discretion.