Game Play

To play Riot Racers, you'll first select a Car and a Driver from your collection. If you do not own a Car or Driver, you can rent one in the Rental Marketplace.

Choose a Competition Race or practice your skills in Racing School races. You will be presented with the Race Conditions (weather, track, and pit), and based on those conditions, you choose a Driver and Car. Next you will pick your Racing Strategy by selecting options in five different categories: Race Posture, Racing Line, Braking Technique, Engine Strategy, and Acceleration Strategy.

The race then runs in the background, but what determines who wins? Race results are determined 20% by the Driver, 29% by the Car, and 51% by how well each racer's Race Strategy plays out. Cars with higher XP and upgrades have an advantage in the race as well. Driver types (Earth, Wind, Fire and Water) and skill trait levels determine how well they perform in different Racing Conditions.

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