Game Play
To play Riot Racers, you'll first select a Car and a Driver from your collection. You'll then buy gas for your Car and choose which race to enter. When you've selected a race, you'll be prompted to make choices about your racing strategy for that race before it starts. The races then happens in the background, and you'll watch the playback of the race afterwards. Winning is primarily determined by the racer's strategy, any Car upgrades, and the ability of the Driver to execute on the player's strategy. Cars with higher XP and upgrades have an advantage, and Drivers with higher trait values needed for race conditions will give players an advantage. However, players with the best race strategies have the ultimate advantage.
You will need a Car and a Driver to race. You can either buy your own game assets from scheduled Riot Racers drops, or you can buy them on the secondhand market via the OpenSea marketplace. There are different Car Classes available, which will determine the class of races you can enter with that Car. Be sure to read up on the different classes before purchasing Cars.

Buy Gas

In order to enter a race, you must first buy enough gas for that race. Gas is purchased in virtual gallons, with each gallon costing about $1 USD. All purchases and winnings in the game are in $RIOT tokens, but costs are quoted in USD to maximize ease of understanding and to maintain consistent prices. All races are shown as "1 GAL" or "5 GAL" races. A "1 GAL" race requires 1 gallon of gas to enter.

Selecting a Race

First make sure that you have a Car selected (you will see it in the top navigation bar). To select a Car, go to your Garage and choose the Car you want to race. You will then choose which Driver you want to race that Car. Races happen on specific tracks by Car Class. Now that you have a Car and Driver selected, you will choose your race. Upcoming races can be viewed by all classes, by your Car's eligible races, or by racetrack. Once you choose a race and enter it, you will then input your racing strategy for that race.

Choose Your Race Strategy

At this point you will see the Race Conditions—important information that will inform and influence your racing strategy. Race Conditions include weather, track conditions, and pit conditions. With this information you will choose your Race Strategy. Components of Race Strategy include: Race Posture, Engine Strategy, Tires to use, Racing Line, Braking Technique, and Pit Strategy. If your Car does not have the upgraded tires you may have to choose tires that are not optimal for the Race Conditions.
After entering your racing strategy, the race will begin and take place in the background. How you do in the race depends on how well you matched a winning Race Strategy against the Race Conditions, your Driver's trait values, plus the XP level and upgrades of your Car.
Over time players will learn what strategies work best for what conditions. However, racers are cautioned to think that learning a few strategies will allow them to win every race. There are over 3,000 potential combinations of Race Conditions and over 1,000 potential combinations of Race Strategies. And the game will not stay static, as twists and turns will be added to the game over time, increasing the skill required to be successful.

Race Results

At the conclusion of the race, about two minutes (this is a virtual race after all), the top three winners in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place are revealed. Also presented is a summary of what happened during the race. You might find that one of the racers blew a tire, crashed, or slid off the track.
Cars that crash during a race will have to be repaired and will not be able to race for two to six hours.
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