Racetrack Land

To start, there will be seven Racetracks in Riot Racers. Cars can race on designated Racetracks based on that Car's racing class. Owner’s of Racetrack Land earn race fees each time a race happens. There are 1,400 land plots across all seven Racetracks, with seven different classes of rarity. A portion of total race entry fees are allocated to the Racetrack Land owners, based on class and rarity of the Racetrack. All Racetrack owners within the same class and rarity will earn the same amount.

Benefits of Owning Racetrack Land

  • Earn RIOT tokens.

  • For every 3 plots of Genesis Racetrack Land you buy, you will get 1 free plot of EXTRA land in the RIOT Metaverse - the higher the class of land you own, the better land you will get in the Metaverse.* This extra land is in addition to your Racetrack Land that you will already get. This applies to all Genesis classes of land.

  • Your Racetrack Land is forward compatible. This means that you will benefit from racing entry fees of all cars from your Racetrack Land's collection (e.g. Genesis collection) and future collections!

Racetrack Land Owners owners can anticipate earning RIOT tokens in the first year based on the Racetrack Land class equivalent to anywhere from 10-50% of the purchase price paid at drop (0.2 - 0.8 ETH and a ETH price of $2,500). All Genesis Racetrack Land rewards, no matter when or for how much they were purchased, will be paid out in this manner.

Race Track List

Claiming Land Rewards: To start claiming rewards from your Racetrack Land, you first need to create an account on riotracers.com using the same wallet address that contains your game assets. Your rewards will not start to accumulate until you have created an account.

Selling/Transferring Land Assets: Earned rewards that have not been claimed do not transfer when Racetrack Land plots are sold or transferred. Rewards are reset to zero upon transferring of assets.

Notes: RIOT tokens will be earned by Racetrack Land owners indefinitely based on racing entrant fees. Your Racetrack Land will be forward compatible, meaning your RRS will be calculated using ALL racing entry fees from your Racetrack Land's collection and forward. For example, all cars can race on Genesis collection Racetrack Lands, whereas future collections of cars can race on Racetrack Lands specific to their collection and forward. The anticipated reward beyond the first year will be determined using the same mechanics used to establish year-one rewards but will be adjusted for racing volume. This means with more racing your anticipated RRS could be higher and with less racing lower.

*The term "metaverse" is used to describe a larger open world component to Riot Racers that encompasses the car racing game along with future games developed by the Riot Racers team. The development and/or implementation of the Riot Metaverse is subject to change based on marketplace demands and evolving development objectives and timelines.

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