Car Colors and Groups

Colors play a significant role in Riot Racers, even though they do not affect the racing outcome. Just like in real life, cars coming out from the factory (drop) are equipped with a Stock Color that depends on the Factory Car Class.

For instance, a “Moonshot” Rookie (Factory Class 1, or FC 1) will have a color from the Stock Color Group (SCG) 1, while a “Moonshot” Legendary (FC 7) will use a color from the SCG 7. You will never see a “Moonshot” (FC 5) having a color from the SCG 1 - except when it has been repainted.

Stock Colors will be filled in the chart below as drops happen and cars are minted.

Each SCG is different and contains a variety of different colors as well as different paint processes, finishes and more. Just like in real life, entry level paint has significant differences from high end paint.


As you can see both colors are blue, but the one on the right (FC Class 4) has a "better" or simply more "premium" looking finish compared to the one on the left (FC Class 1). Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

A more detailed graphical update to the white-paper with examples will be published soon. Colors will be gradually introduced with each drop and the color palette will receive regular updates.

As of this whitepaper update over 129 colors (including the same color in different finishes) are ready to use for coming drops, but will be extended to more with time.

While your car will gain XP and change its class over time in the game, this won’t affect the car's stock color. Just like in real life, the original stock color will always be part of the car history, even if changed via the Paint Shop (details of the Paint Shops have not been released).

As the game progresses over time, some buyers will look for cars that have preserved their original stock color, while others will prefer to do their own custom color in a Paint Shop.

In a future update of this section, we will introduce vinyl decals (non-destructive to preserve your original color), patterns (destructive) and full color changes (destructive). Non-destructive means that removing it will not damage the paint job. Destructive means that is replaces the previous paint job.

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