Drivers are how Cars are driven in the Riot Racers game, and they are also usable characters in the larger Riot Metaverse. Drivers are ranked by winning percentage, earnings, and races completed.

Racing with Drivers

Drivers add a dynamic element to racing within Riot Racers, impacting 20% of the outcome of the race. The rest of the race outcome is determined by other factors, like car upgrades and the player's racing strategies.

To enter a race, players will select a Driver and a Car. Driver types and their traits impact the outcome of the race, depending on the race conditions. For example, if the weather and track conditions are rainy and wet, a Water* type of Driver will perform the best. (*see Driver Traits section below)

Driver Traits

Drivers come in three forms: male, female, and mecha. Within those forms, Drivers have a wide variety of visual characteristics, like facial expressions, hair, hats, clothing, and more. All of these attributes contribute to the rarity of each Driver.

There are four different types of Drivers: Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water. Each type of Driver will be better suited for specific race conditions, in addition to having visual characteristics relating to their type. With regards to rarity by Driver type, the most to least rare are ordered as follows: 1) Fire, 2) Wind, 3) Water, and 4) Earth.

Each Driver has varying levels of the following traits: Speed, Braking, Handling, Endurance, and Vision. The value range for each trait is between 50 and 100, with higher values of specific traits giving those Drivers an advantage—especially in certain race conditions. Each driver has been randomly assigned their trait values, along with their Driver type and other characteristics.

Genesis Drivers Collection

  • There are 11,111 Drivers in the Genesis Drivers Collection

  • Genesis Drivers #1 to #3,333 - As a reward to Genesis Car owners, they will receive one FREE Driver for every Genesis Car they own, corresponding to the same Car # they own. This is a one-for-one allocation: if a player owns 5 Cars, they will get 5 Drivers, without limit.

  • Genesis Drivers #3,334 to #11,111 - Will be released in a dedicated Genesis Drivers Drop, happening on December 2, 2021.

  • This first collection of Drivers may have some crossover capabilities in the other games planned for the Riot Metaverse (to be revealed later).

  • Genesis Drivers are available on OpenSea

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