Car Upgrades

Cars are valued by their class and by their rating; and players can level up their car's rating with upgrades. A car's rating is made up of the sum of all of its upgrades. Each car has a beginning rating of 100 and a maximum rating of 24,000. Fully upgraded cars are referred to as "24K Rated" cars.

The baseline rating for all cars is 100, since all cars start off with Engine and Brakes Level 0. A higher car rating will give you an improved likelihood of winning. However, having the most upgraded car does not mean you will win every race, since the primary outcome of the race is the result of choosing the best Racing Strategy.

Purchasing Upgrades

Players can purchase upgrades for their cars by visiting the Mechanic Shop section from the My Account menu. From there, players can select which of their cars they want to upgrade and then select which upgrade they want to add. Upgrades are bought with RIOT and USDC, with some of the first upgrade levels purchasable in all RIOT.

Upgrades must be purchased in order. For example, you will only be able to buy the Engine Level 4 upgrade after first purchasing the Engine Levels 1, 2, and 3 upgrades. Some upgrades will require a car to have gained a certain number of Experience Points (XP) before they can be purchased. XP is earned by racing, and the Earned XP requirements shown in the below tables are for earned XP above the default Factory Class XP for that car. [Note: XP requirements for upgrades will not be in the first release, but will be added in later.]

Upgrades Available

Engine Upgrades

Brakes Upgrades

NOS System Upgrades

Supercharger Upgrades

Exhaust Upgrades

Drivetrain Upgrades

Performance Chip Upgrades

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