Spawning & Stamina

Breeding, known in the game as spawning, is the creation of new Riot Racer game assets. Cars and Drivers can spawn offspring, all of which are part of the Artemis Collection. Spawned NFTs in the Artemis Collection have the same look and feel as their Genesis and Apollo (early/original game assets) counterparts but will be limited in traits and characteristics.

Spawning can take place during certain "breeding seasons," when new assets are able to be created. The first breeding season started April 27, 2022 and ended September 13, 2022. The next breeding season will likely start in Q2 of 2023.

How to Spawn

Spawning is easy to do on our website:

  1. During an open breeding season, navigate to the "Breeding" menu item on the left menu bar

  2. Choose your owned game asset (Car or Driver) for spawning

  3. Select a partner game asset (Car or Driver) to spawn with

  4. Alternatively - for the second asset you can use the game owned Milk Truck or Queen B.

Spawning will require two game assets to produce an offspring. Driver spawning will require one Female Driver and one Male Driver, or two Mechas. Car spawning will require two Cars, of any class or collection. Car offspring will be the lower of the two car classes used, or the one car class used if it is paired with the Milk Truck. Driver offspring will be random, or a Mecha if the paired drivers are Mechas.

If asset owners do not have the necessary two game assets to spawn, they can still spawn with only one game asset using an optional method provided by Riot Racers: the "Milk Truck" for Cars or the "Queen B" for Drivers. Both of these options will temporarily give users the second game asset for spawning that they are missing. Use of the Milk Truck or Queen B will require an additional fee.

Spawning Pricing Table

Spawning prices are the same no matter how many times a Car/Driver is bred. Each spawn, from the first to the last, will be the same price based on the rates shown in tables below.

The cost to use the Milk Truck or the Queen B is the cost below plus 1,000 RIOT + 35 USDT.



Spawning Limits

The Artemis Collection of Car and Driver game assets will always have a maximum of 7 spawns. Artemis is the collection of Cars and Drivers for all bred assets.

Genesis and Apollo Collections of Cars and Drivers will have an initial maximum of 7 breeds. Genesis breed counts will reset (back to zero) within 3 months of breeding starting, and Apollo will reset within 6 months. We will continue to reset the breed count for Genesis and Apollo assets in the future.



Each new Driver will be part of the Artemis collection and will be spawned randomly as a Male, Female, or Mecha (if spawned with 2 Mechas). Similar to Genesis Drivers, the Artemis Drivers will have a total skill rating. More details on Artemis Drivers individual skill levels below.


Each new Artemis car will be randomly chosen from a handful of model design types. Artemis Car colors will be specific to their spawned class. These Cars will not be able to earn XP points like Genesis and Apollo Cars, and will be fixed in their spawned car class.

Class | Type | Skills

All spawned game assets will be part of the Artemis collection. Car and Driver classes, types, and skills will be assigned in a unique way, as outlined below.

Car Classes

  • The offspring from combining two Cars will always equal the lower of the two Car classes.

    • Example: 1 Legendary + 1 Aero = 1 Aero

  • The offspring of combining one Car with the Milk Truck will always equal the Car's class.

    • Example: 1 Legendary + 1 Milk Truck = 1 Legendary

Drivers Types

The type of driver offspring will be randomly selected based on the Genesis collection distribution. The only exception to this is, if you spawn two Mechas together, you will create a Mecha.

  • The offspring of 1 Mecha + 1 Mecha = 1 Mecha

  • The offspring of any other combination of Drivers, including the Queen B, will be randomly assigned following the distribution outlined in the table below:

Driver Skill Traits

Spawned Driver skill ratings will be randomly selected between the same minimum (323) and maximum (433) total ratings as the Genesis collection. However, the total rating will be evenly split amongst the five skill categories: Braking, Endurance, Handling, Speed, & Vision.

As an example, if a Driver were randomly assigned a total rating of 400, then each of the 5 skill traits would be assigned an 80.

IndividualSkillTrait=400(totalrating)/5(numberofindividualskilltraits)Individual Skill Trait = 400(total rating) / 5(number of individual skill traits)

Asset owners will have the choice to 'reroll' if they are not happy with their randomly generated total rating. This will give the owner another chance to spawn a higher total rating. Re-rolling can occur up to 3 times per spawn and each reroll will be more expensive than the previous roll. All re-rolls will be a fixed price charged in RIOT tokens.


Every Car and Driver in the game will have a stamina value assigned to them. The stamina number represents the amount of times that game asset can participate in Racing School races in a 24-hour period. Each race entered will utilize 1 stamina, and when a game asset is at 0 remaining stamina, they can not participate in Racing School races until they recover stamina.

Cars and Drivers will regenerate stamina each hour, which will range from 1 to 1.5 stamina/hour, depending on the collection to which the Car or Driver belongs.

Car and Driver Stamina

Cooldown Periods

Cooldown periods will be triggered every time a new game asset is spawned. Both the parent and the newly spawned offspring will have a cooldown period that varies in duration based on their collection. These cooldown periods will limit both spawning and racing activities. See the tables below for the cooldown periods by collection.

Cooldowns for Cars

Cooldowns for Drivers

Time to Retire (TTR)

The first Artemis series game assets have an initial time to retire of nine months. The TTR is subject to change, but once an asset has a set TTR, it will not be changed for that game asset. Any future changes in TTR periods will only affect newly spawned assets.

Once an asset has retired, the Car or Driver will not be able to participate in racing or breeding, and any stamina or breeds it had left will be lost. Retired cars and drivers will not count toward Achievement Levels or Riot Owners Clubs totals. The idea behind TTR is to protect against market oversupply and maintain stability in the Riot Racers ecosystem, which ultimately benefits everyone.

To make the Time to Retire for Artemis assets easy to understand for everyone and provide more value to players, the Artemis assets spawned in 2022 will be provided additional days of playability and their retirement date moved back to one of three standardized dates:

  • March 15, 2023 (all assets that were due to retire up to March 8)

  • April 19, 2023 (all assets that were due to retire between March 9 - April 12)

  • May 24, 2023 (all assets that were due to retire after April 13)

Note: Behind the scenes, we are working on way to add new utility for retired game assets, so stay tuned for more details.

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