Riot Owners Club

The Riot Owners Club (ROC) is the "frequent flyer" rewards program for Riot Racers. The Riot Owners Club is intended to incentivize players to hold game assets and RIOT tokens, and reward owners of early game assets. Players will need to log into the game each day and actively claim their rewards. Unclaimed rewards are lost forever.

Riot Owners Club Levels

NOTE: ROC benefits will begin when paid racing starts.

Rewards by Genesis Collection Car Class

Enrolling in the ROC and Claiming Rewards

To enroll in the ROC, follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to your account on the Riot Racers website

  2. Navigate to the Rewards page

  3. Select the "Enroll" option on the ROC level for which you qualify

  4. Click the "Sync Discord Role" button to receive that ROC Role in Discord, along with access to private channels for ROC members only

To claim RIOT Token Rewards, follow the steps below:

  1. Make sure you're logged in to your RR account and enrolled in the ROC (see above section)

  2. Visit the ROC page and you'll see the amount of $RIOT rewards you can claim

  3. Click the "Claim Now" button to claim your rewards

  4. Claimed tokens will go in to your wallet on the Polygon network, so the gas fee is a fraction of a cent and covered by Riot Racers

NOTE: You must claim your RIOT Token rewards every day or you will lose them. Daily rewards claiming encourages racers to log in to the app and play the game.

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