How to Play to Earn
You can start earning RIOT tokens in Riot Racers by easily renting a Car and a Driver from the Rental Marketplace on and entering free Racing School races.
All rentals happen in a safe and trustless manner, with no upfront cost to the renter. Cars and Drivers will stay rented to players until they release them. Or, the asset owners can also take back rented game assets at any time, if they think the renter is not utilizing them well.
To participate in races, players select a Car, Driver, and their Racing Strategy for each race. We have made this process easy by allowing users to select default Cars and Drivers for all races. We have also made the strategy portion easier by pre-filling random selections. Players will still have the ability to update the pre-filled selections if they choose.
How do I earn? At the end of each free Racing School race, RIOT token winnings are automatically credited to your in-game wallet. At any time, tokens can be withdrawn to a player-controlled wallet on the Polygon network.
What else do I need to know? Factors that impact how much players earn are the class of car rented and the stamina of the game assets:
  • Cars exist in seven different classes ranging from Rookie to Legendary. The higher the Car class, the more a player can earn. Legendary cars earn about twice the amount of Rookie Cars.
  • Each Car and Driver has a specific amount of stamina to use per 24-hour period. Stamina is what is required to enter a race, and each race uses one stamina from the Car and Driver. Stamina constantly regenerates, with each Car and Driver regaining stamina according to the table below, until the game asset reaches its maximum stamina.
Car and Driver Stamina by Collection
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