Scholar Alpha Info
This page will outline key points of information that a scholar should know. Details about how the whole system works are in the pages below on the left menu.
πŸ”‘β€‹ There is no fee to rent a car or driver. All rentals are done as a percentage share of the play-to-earn winnings. If a car is being rented for 10% share, then the scholar will get 10%.
πŸ”‘β€‹ Trustless rentals and payouts. Cars/drivers are rented in the game and are immeditately usable in the game. RIOT token earnings are divided up and paid out to the in game wallet automatically at the end of each race. Scholars can then withdraw RIOT tokens from the in game wallet whenever they want.
πŸ”‘β€‹ Scholars can rent up to 10 Cars and 10 Drivers at one time. After the stamina is used up, the scholar can wait for the stamina to regenerate on those assets, or they can turn the rentals in and rent 10 more Cars and 10 more Drivers. There is no limit to how many times this can be done.
πŸ”‘β€‹ There are 7 classes of Cars, Rookie up through Legendary. The higher class Cars earn more than the lower class Cars. Legendary cars earn twice the amount a Rookie car earns. Drivers can race with any class of Car.
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