How to Earn as an Asset Owner
To earn as an Asset Owner, you simply need to buy a Car and/or Driver and use those game assets to spawn (breed) or put the game assets up for rent.
Spawning - Spawning (breeding) happens when you combine two Cars or two Drivers to create new game assets. Learn more about spawning here. The newly spawned game assets can be sold on the open market, or they can be rented to other players.
Renting - Cars and Drivers can also be put up for rent in the Rental Marketplace. To rent your game assets, you select the option to rent and choose the percentage of earnings you want to share with your renter. Renters select a Car or Driver, and the asset is allocated for them to use in the game. Rentals are trustless, meaning the game assets never leave the owner's wallet, and the renter can only use them in races. The system ensures your assets are rented in an efficient manner. Learn more about rentals here.
At the end of a free play-to-earn Racing School race, the RIOT token winnings are automatically divided up and credited to the asset owner and renter's in-game wallet. Winnings are divided up using this formula: Total Prize earned divided in half, with 50% credited to the Car and 50% credited to the driver. If the Car or Driver is rented, then the Car/Driver allocation is then split to the renter and owner according to the rental agreement.
RIOT tokens in the in-game wallet can be easily withdrawn or used for any in-game activity (breeding, car upgrades, asset name changes, etc.).
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